Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Neurosurgery/Spinal Pain


Dr Nancy Reid


Back pain is common and some sufferers consult General Practictioners, yet many sufferers develop persistent problems. Chronic back pain (CBP) in particular is recognized as a major public health problem, producing a significant economic and social burden. Moreover, this condition not only affects the patient but it also affects his/her family and social circle. Both patient and provider knowledge and beliefs about pain play a role in pain perception, function, and response to treatment. Therefore, the patient–provider relationship is an important concept, especially in primary care, as it relates to achieving optimal health outcomes. However, it is also a complex topic with connotative meaning. Acknowledgement and understanding of the multifaceted usefulness of a good provider-patient relationship can help clinicians focus on the interrelationships between relational features such as trust, empathy, and communication; and how these features complement each other to shape specific outcomes in back pain.


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