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Dr. Reid


Dermatology physician assistants (PAs) provide evaluation and treatment for skin cancer, disorders and diseases of the skin, perform surgical and cosmetics procedures, and work in collaboration with dermatologists to provide optimal care for patients. To date, there is a relative dearth of research related to access of care that dermatology PAs provide.

Objective: This study will attempt to answer the question: Do dermatology PAs increase access to dermatologic care by practicing in medically underserved areas/populations and/or health professional shortage areas?

Method: Dermatology PA practice locations will be utilized to determine US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) designated medically underserved areas/populations (MUA/P), Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), and/or rural area status.

Results: Over 94% of dermatology PAs practice in MUAs, and 96.3% are practicing in HPSAs.

Conclusion: Dermatology PAs expand access to care in medically underserved and health provider shortage areas.


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