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University of Lynchburg DMSc Doctoral Project Assignment Repository


Family Medicine and Urgent Care


David Haight MD



Purpose: The purpose of this article is to review the effectiveness of Freeze-Dried Plasma (FDP or French lyophilized plasma (FLyP) as an alternative or adjunct to volume replacement and severe hemorrhagic control following a traumatic event or injury, as compared to the current standard treatment in the pre-hospital setting.

Method: A PubMed and Google literature search was conducted with search terms such as Freeze-Dried Plasma, hemorrhage control, blood products, trauma, and volume replacement cross-referenced. Twenty-Eight pertinent peer-reviewed articles were retrieved and serve as the basis for this clinical retrospective study and review.

Results: There has been a significant amount of data provided over the last 10 years to show the efficacy of FDP. However, there is limited contemporary evidence-based research to demonstrate the positive correlation with the administration of Freeze-Dried Plasma and the increased probability of survival from severe hemorrhagic shock compared to the current standard medical therapy in a pre-hospital setting.

Conclusion: Freeze-Dried Plasma has recently shown to be an equally effective product in the treatment of severe hemorrhaging as compared to TXA, albumin, cryoprecipitate and other blood components, and is an adequate bridge therapy for the more sought-after whole blood. The ability to provide volume replacement in a hypovolemic patient, the ability to provide essential clotting factors in severe trauma cases, and the portability and implementation in an austere environment give FDP a real chance at full implementation into the United States Military medical inventory. Further research and studies are needed to establish a positive correlation between Freeze-Dried Plasma and patient survivability in the pre-hospital setting.


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