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University of Lynchburg DMSc Doctoral Project Assignment Repository


Primary Care


Nancy Reid


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to compare the efficacy of culture-based disease management strategies for treatment of elevated blood pressure readings in Native Hawaiians with standard treatment modalities.

Method: A PubMed and CINHAL literature search was conducted for high quality studies of level 2 evidence of higher. The terms used to guide the search included Native Hawaiians, hypertension, culture-based treatment, culture, health outcomes, and blood pressure. Three-peer reviewed articles were identified and included in this review.

Results: Culture-based treatment modalities can be effective in reducing high blood pressure in Native Hawaiians. Kaholokula et al found that hula, a cultural-dance program is efficacious in lowering blood pressure in hypertensive Native Hawaiians. Ing et al found ethnocultural support groups to be efficacious in lowering systolic blood pressure readings in Native Hawaiians. Townscend et al found Native Hawaiian workplace-based workshops efficacious in lowering blood pressure readings in Native Hawaiian participants.

Conclusion: The Native Hawaiian demographic population is burdened by numerous chronic diseases including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Traditional western medical treatment modalities including general dietary changes, exercise, and pharmacotherapy are methods currently used to treat hypertension in Native Hawaiians, although marginally effective. Incorporating culture into treatment guidelines through Pilina (values), ‘Ōlelo (language), Mea`ai (food and nutrition), and hula (dance) prove to be effective as mono or adjunct therapy in lowering blood pressure for hypertensive Native Hawaiians.

Keywords: Native Hawaiian, Hypertension, Culture-Based treatment, culture


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