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1. Monica Cooper, MSN, RN, nursing manager of Trauma Burn Nursing Unit at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Health System. Her expertise in hand washing protocol implementation and quality improvement is invaluable to my research. 2. Kelly Shields, RN, quality improvement coordinator of UAB trauma burn department. In her role, she will be crucial in advising me on the interpretation of data, and metrics. 3. Donald Rieff, MD, assistant chief medical officer of UAB Health System, responsible for quality assurance in all intensive care units. He is a high-level healthcare executive, which will provide the insights on the hospital-wide effects of HAI, and hand hygiene compliance.


Purpose: The clinical question of “can hospital acquired infection rate can be reduced with hand washing compliance?” The search strategy for finding appropriate peered reviewed journal article was using PubMed website.

Method: The search strategy for finding appropriate peered reviewed journal article was using PubMed website. Articles relating to hospital acquired infection (HAI) reduction with hand washing compliance, central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) and catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), were selected for review.

Results: Overall, the HAI was reduced significantly after the implementation of hand hygiene protocol, which directly answers the PICO question.

Conclusion: The data demonstrating statistical significance in reducing hospital acquired infection (CLABSI, CAUTI), with hand washing compliance.1 The healthcare reimbursement model is moving towards value-based care metrics, involving quality and patient safety reporting.2 This quality reporting affects how well hospital is reimbursed, therefore we as clinician must embraced this strategic effort.3


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