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University of Lynchburg DMSc Doctoral Project Assignment Repository




Thomas Colletti


The purpose of this article is to review Adolescent Obesity among children ages 13-19. Obesity among teens is an emerging pandemic and societal burden. This period is compounded by the complexities that come when dealing with a difficult teenage population. Busy adolescents trying to find themselves during the critical teen years, often find it difficult to comply and stay motivated with recommendations pertaining to their health. PAs will be able to better identify at-risk teenagers using methods for BMI surveillance, diet surveillance as well as prevention measures against sedentary lifestyles among teens. The article will review frameworks to improve adolescent weight reduction efforts by circumventing the traditional approach to weight reduction among adolescents. This article will provide strategies for clinically practicing PAs to employ that will motivate, captivate and ultimately lead to the desired outcome of weight reduction, prevention of complications and ultimately societal cost burden reduction.


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