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Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science




Elyse Watkins



Purpose: The purpose of this article is to review breast cancer in women and correlate the association of eating healthy with an emphasis on plant foods and increasing physical activity compared to eating unhealthy with an emphasis on animal products and decreased physical activity to decrease the risk of or improve breast cancer.

Method: A PubMed Advanced literature search was conducted with search terms breast cancer, dietary interventions, plant based foods, animal based foods, and physical activity. Ten pertinent articles were retrieved from PubMed Advanced, one relevant statistical breast cancer review from the World Health Organization (WHO), and one review of the risk factors for breast cancer from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were obtained, which serve as the basis for this clinical review.

Results: A correlation between plant based foods, animal products, and physical activity was observed to have an effect on breast cancer in women.

Conclusion: Various interventions have shown efficacy on decreasing the risk of or improving breast cancer. Dietary interventions that are implemented as early as in childhood throughout adulthood and as adults are associated with a reduction in breast cancer. All 12 studies support dietary interventions and/or an increase of physical activity to help decrease the risk of or improve breast cancer.

Keywords: Cancer, Dietary, Physical Activity


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