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Elyse Watkins



The purpose of this article is to study the rate of recurrence of Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) in patients who received probiotics in conjunction with recommended antibiotic treatment at the time of diagnosis to determine if recurrence rates are lower eight weeks after initial treatment.


The Knight-Capron Library website was accessed, and a search was completed using the OneSearch tool using the inclusion words of “Clostridium difficile infection” “Clostridioides difficile infection” “probiotics” and “recurrence.” After screening the titles of the forty-seven articles published since 2015, which were saved and reviewed. A total of fifteen articles were ultimately included and will assist as the basis for this clinical review. The school writing center also served as a tool for formatting and structural support.


In the comprehensive analysis of the articles discussing the role of probiotics with CDI, this original research project suggests that there may be a protective benefit utilizing probiotics concurrently with traditional medications in relation to CDI recurrence rates.


Recurrence of CDI occurs in about 15-35% percent of patients after initial diagnosis.6 Several randomized control trials were reviewed for the basis of the research article to determine if probiotics can play a role in preventing rCDI. Previous studies have established that the use of oral probiotics in adjacent with established and recommended CDI treatment is correlated with ameliorating the risk of recurrence rate after eight weeks from the initial episode and treatment without any adverse effects. Therefore, there is a need for additional research to determine a recommended probiotic, dose, and duration to establish appropriate recommendations to prevent relapse.


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