University of Lynchburg DMSc Doctoral Project Assignment Repository

University of Lynchburg DMSc Doctoral Project Assignment Repository


Urgent Care Medicine


Laura Witte, PhD, PA-C



Purpose: This scoping review aims to gather evidence to support the impact of specialized comprehensive sickle cells centers on patient outcomes in terms of hospital admissions, health care utilization and cost.

Keywords: Sickle cell, Comprehensive care center, Patient outcome, Hospitalizations, sickle cell infusion center, opioid

Methods: The literature scoping review was conducted with the guidance of a librarian to assist in the search terms. Searches were generated in OneSearch to scan multiple databases on February 22, 2021, using the following terms without special limits "sickle cell infusion center," " Sickle cell disease," "sickle cell drug-seeking," "comprehensive sickle cell centers AND Opioid," "sickle cell outcomes," "Sickle cell patient outcomes" "Rehospitalization” " Sickle cell emergency room visits" and "specialized sickle cell clinic." The results were reviewed, and duplicates were removed. Inclusion criteria applied were all patients with sickle cell disease and comprehensive sickle cell centers. The titles and abstracts were reviewed based on the inclusion criteria.

Results: The search yielded about eight thousand articles. Literature without information on comprehensive sickle cell centers was excluded. Filters applied to exclude non-peer-reviewed literature, literature that did not discuss sickle cell disease, and relevant articles not available electronically.


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