Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Family Practice, Pain Management


Dr. Nancy E. Reid MHA DHSc PA-c DFAAPA


Abstract: Buprenorphine has been around for many years, and was first FDA approved for the treatment of pain. In more recent years the buprenorphine has been combined with naltrexone, commonly known as Suboxone, and has seen a surge in its use of this medicine for the treatment of opioid use disorder in Medication Assisted Treatment programs. Given the reduced abuse potential of buprenorphine and it was originally developed for the treatment of pain, the clinical question of if buprenorphine can be used to treat chronic pain? Evidence from several studies suggest that this is a possible solution in the treatment of chronic pain, instead of full mu-receptor agonists such as opioids, however, the efficacy of the pain relief had mixed results in many of the studies. More studies may be needed to fully determine if this is an effective solution to not only allow for better treatment of chronic pain, but help reduce the opioid epidemic affecting the country.


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