Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Family Practice


Dr. Larry Herman, DMSc, MPA, PA-C, DFAAPA


Importance: Autoimmune Encephalitis (AE) is a rare yet deadly condition. The mortality rate can range up to 18.45% with the morbidity correlating to the timing of initiation of treatment.

Observations: Autoimmune Encephalitis (AE) is covered in a very limited capacity while most primary care providers are receiving their didactic education. When considering this and the differential diagnoses it can be a daunting task for providers to make a presumptive diagnosis.

Conclusions and Relevance: There must be a high level of clinical suspicion to evaluate for AE and confidently initiate treatment on a presumptive diagnosis despite the expansive differential diagnoses. This narrative review on this clinical topic presents the steps necessary to make a presumptive diagnosis to initiate treatment of IV steroid pulses which can have a profound impact on the quality and quantity of life for a patient with AE.


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