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University of Lynchburg DMSc Doctoral Project Assignment Repository


obstetrics and gynecology, infectious disease


Chidubem Iloabachie, MD, Lorraine Jamieson PA, MS, BS, DSMC, Michelle Burke RN, BS, MS



Purpose: The purpose of this article is to review the impact of the ongoing novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, on the pregnant population.

Method: Multiple articles were retrieved on PubMed from March 2020 to March 2022 using JAPPA, Medrxiv, Internal Journal of Medical Science, and NCBI. A search was conducted with the search terms coronavirus, COVID-19, pregnancy, birth defect, and miscarriage. Five pertinent articles were obtained from the search that were published within the last 3 years. The criteria for these articles are the following: year of study, authors, intervention, control group information, treatments, complication, and outcome.

Results: COVID-19 has a similar effect on pregnant mothers as compared to non-infected mothers. There is currently a lack of evidence-based research on the topic of coronavirus and the pregnant population because the pandemic is still occurring. There are new articles on COVID-19 effects on the pregnant populations being published and research is continuously expanding.

Conclusion: This article will show how coronavirus has affected the pregnant population. It will include the transmission of the virus to the neonatal, the complications of the virus on the mother during pregnancy, and miscarriage statistics. Recent data has shown there are vaccines, perinatal transmission of antibodies from infected mothers, monoclonal antibodies therapy and preventable activities that are available to reduce transmission or lower severity of the virus during pregnancy for both the mothers or the neonates. Research data has shown the risk factors of an infected mother with coronavirus are very similar to a mother without the coronavirus infection.


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