Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Home hospital


Dr. Larry Herman


Hospital-level care at home (HCaH) is a modern alternative to traditional inpatient hospitalization (TIH) for acutely-ill adults that has been proven to be cost-saving and effective without impacting patient mortality. Additional outcomes comparing HCaH and TIH have been explored such as hospital readmission and post-acute care admission. There is convincing evidence that suggests a trend in the reduction of readmissions following acute hospitalization in the home. Additionally, post-acute care admissions have been significantly reduced following HCaH compared to TIH. Ultimately, the concept of a home hospital allows patients to remain home during acute illness and allows these individuals to stay at home longer following discharge, thereby avoiding the need for hospital readmission and post-acute care placement. This research is increasingly important to the aging population in the United States that seeks a safe and beneficial alternative to overwhelmed medical facilities.


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