Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science




Dr. Laura Witte, PhD, PA-C


Culturally Humility in PA Education and Training

Purpose: This review is to explore the need for increasing the depth, pervasiveness, and usage and implementation of the cultural humility curriculum within PA education and training.

Method: A literature review research was conducted utilizing PubMed searching for the terms “cultural competency physician assistant” “cultural humility” or “cultural humility medical education”.

Results: Currently, there are no specific cultural humility curricula widely used because there is no standardized curriculum available and incorporation of one within PA school is difficult due to the already accelerated medical education training. However, given the increase in diversity of patient demographics and the PA profession, integration of cultural humility directly into training and education for healthcare professionals is ideal for optimal patient care.

Conclusion: There is a difference between a cultural humility curriculum versus cultural competency. Cultural humility is a more realistic goal as opposed to the notion of an attainable level of cultural competency. As PAs begin providing care in various specialties and the patient population becomes more diverse, cultural humility training and resources need to be available to yield higher quality of care to all patients and for increasing patient-provider rapport. Currently, there is no set curriculum with regard to cultural humility or cultural competency that is widely utilized or shared. However, teaching cultural humility within the program’s core values and curriculum could prepare PAs for increased quality of patient care. Still, further study is needed to gauge the results of the development and implementation of such a curriculum, once applicable and available.


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