Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Physician Assistant Studies


Tom Colletti


Burnout is a common term in the medical profession, specifically regarding the prevalence among physicians; however, physician assistants have been found to have comparable burnout rates to physicians, but the topic has received less attention. Many techniques have been evaluated in the treatment and prevention of burnout. Mindfulness techniques have reduced burnout among physicians and can be extrapolated to treating burnout with physician assistants. Strategies can be implemented within a busy schedule and have been proven to reduce stress and burnout. However, more research is needed on the direct impact of Mindfulness on physician assistants. This article will highlight the prevalence of burnout in physician assistants, how to identify burnout, and the role of Mindfulness in combating burnout. Recognition of burnout is essential to treat it, and budget constraints often impact programming options. Mindfulness has been proven to reduce burnout and can be implemented time-efficient and cost-effectively.


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