Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Surgical Oncology


Dr. Thomas Colletti


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cancer diagnosis in this country. Metastatic colorectal cancer to the liver develops in more than 50% of all patients, with 80% diagnosed with nonresectable colorectal liver metastases (NCRLM). The options for the nonresectable patients are limited to systemic chemotherapy, local regional therapy (LRT), hepatic artery infusion pump (HAIP), or a combination of these treatments; however, liver transplantation (LT) is a promising treatment option with data supporting improved overall and disease-free survival. Strict eligibility criteria must be met before a NCRLM patient can be considered for LT evaluation. The Oslo Criteria Score provides a foundation of clinical standards to meet, based on the current data, that represents favorable outcomes. A favorable outcome is one with 5-year overall survival (OS). There is a significant need for additional clinical data pre- and post-liver transplantation, to establish criteria set that provides the best outcome. The data is limited, and it is difficult to provide universal selection criteria. We present a case report with literature review to highlight this promising treatment option and emphasize the need for more data to properly identify the right patients for LT.


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