Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science

Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science


Operational Medicine


Thomas Colletti DMSc, PA-C


There are numerous Medical Humanitarian Relief Organizations (MHRO) around the globe that respond to support the medical aspects of humanitarian crises that affect society. Medical planners must understand three key elements when planning on utilizing a disaster relief organization. These three key elements are Capability, Capacity and Character. There have been many instances globally where a non-governmental agency has had difficulty in responding to a disaster because of a shortfall in one of these key areas. The development of a standardized framework that addresses these three elements will allow for vetting and evaluation of these organizations, a process that is crucial to the successful utilization of these resources in response to a humanitarian crisis. Further research is needed to establish elemental criteria in these three areas to give medical planners a useful tool in planning for and responding to disasters around the globe.


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