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Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies

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Jones, Roger E.

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Smith, Steven C.

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Booth, Jeanne D.


The purpose of this study was to determine if students benefited from attending a Central Virginia alternative school, defined as a remedial alternative school which scaffolds students both socially and academically so they may return to their base school. Twelve students took part in the study that examined the academic indicators of grade point average, attendance, and number of disciplinary infractions as well as students’ perceptions of their experiences. The difference in trust levels was minimal, but students had accurate perceptions of how their grades, attendance, and discipline had changed while attending the alternative school. The study revealed three areas that need to be addressed by the school division in the future: struggles with online coursework presented at the school, lack of social interaction, and exposure to additional strategies from disciplinary referrals, such as dealing with anger and substance abuse.