Luke Saechao

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Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies

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Walker, John C.

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Marciano, Alisah R.

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Ratliff, Brian C.


For U.S. students, ninth grade is a critical year in the educational pipeline, often dictating a school-to-school transition period. The author evaluates the ramification on achievement following such a school-to-school transition. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a ninth grade transition program called Link Crew, which was implemented by a large comprehensive urban high school. Do transition programs assist in maintaining achievement and readiness? Participants in the study were transitioning grade nine students from two high schools in central Virginia, in which only one received treatment via the Link Crew transition program. The quantitative study utilized school division archival data and student responses from a student self-survey instrument to analyze and explain any differences or similarities that existed across participants.