Date of Award

Summer 7-20-2018

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Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies

Committee Chair

Dr. Sally Selden

Committee Member

Dr. Ramon Goings

Committee Member

Dr. Charles Walton


For decades, literature has described success for Black males as a hard-to-obtain phenomenon due to the nearly insurmountable hardships they face. Although this previous negative narrative has positively shifted within the last 15 years, there are still insignificant amounts of research on how to obtain Black male life success. This study sought to discover how 14 Black males in Central Virginia achieved life success. In this study, life success for Black males was defined and explored utilizing the psychological construct of well-being. This grounded theory study identified a framework for Black male life success which included a definition for life success as well as common attributes and circumstances for Black males on their journey towards life success.