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Summer 7-23-2022

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Throughout healthcare there are numerous factors that play a role in and out of the healthcare setting such as: gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic and disability status1. Having a diverse environment is an important accomplishment to strive for because it is directly related to increased patient health outcomes and quality of life2. For centuries African Americans have faced adversity with regard to the health care system. They have not been granted the same opportunities to access health information when compared to others. Kumar and West imply that racism, class inequality, financial hardship, and poverty are major contributors in the widening health care disparity gap3. Unintentional bias and provider mistrust contributes to the current healthcare disparity gap amongst African Americans. Rebuilding trust between African American patients and their providers, creating respectful rapports, engaging in open communication, and actively addressing the traumas this country has created are crucial steps toward closing the health disparity gap.