Date of Award

Summer 7-5-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Leadership Studies

Committee Chair

Dr. Paula Lichiello

Committee Member

Dr. Jimmy Roux

Committee Member

Dr. Emmanuel Clottey


The construction industry in the United States of America pays a high litigation cost due to late project delivery or substandard projects. Despite the training construction organizations expose their project teams to, research has shown greater emphasis on skill training than leadership training. This phenomenological study sought to understand the dynamics of the relationship between project leaders and construction site workers in Central Virginia. Understanding the perceptions of project managers, superintendents, and construction site workers about leadership, leadership development and training, motivation, and communication gave insights into these dynamics. The research study allowed the researcher to understand the work experiences of project leaders and how they managed their teams, motivated, and communicated with them.

Additionally, the construction site workers described how they would like to be led and managed. The findings suggested that there is a need for project managers and superintendents to exhibit intentional leadership attributes to motivate their teams to perform optimally. On the basis of the study, appropriate recommendations were made for the construction industry and future studies.