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Physical Education

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Spring 5-2022


Secondary health education teachers (SHETs) have noted deficiencies in opportunities for professional development and learning (PDL) in their content area. The purpose of the study was to explore SHETs’ perspectives of PDL in Central Virginia. Thirteen middle (n=7) and high school (n=6) SHETs volunteered for this research. A qualitative case study was framed by social constructionism and data collection included interviews, focus groups, and document analysis. The data was analyzed through an inductive and thematic analysis process. SHETs identified opportunities and constraints for school wide and outside PDL. This study also offers recommendations for school administration and PDL providers in an effort to support SHETs moving forward. SHETs requested school wide and outside PDL experiences that would meet their needs and offer opportunities to socially construct knowledge and align with the Virginia Health Standards of Learning. School administration should clearly define infrastructure and procedures for obtaining outside PDL opportunities that can support SHETs with time and funding to attend their preferred programming. This research suggested that SHETs could seek collaboration through professional learning communities to support continuous, interactive learning.

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