LC Journal of Special Education


According to Meyen, Vergason andWhelan (1996) graphic organizers are “visual displays teachers use to organize information in a manner that makes information easier to understand and learn” (p.132). There are several types of graphic organizers. Some examples include semantic maps, cognitive maps, story maps, concept maps, Venn diagrams and unit organizers. Researchers agree that graphic organizers are effective tools that can improve student’s performance in content areas. Therefore, this paper will delve into answering the following questions: 1. How do graphic organizers enhance comprehension? 2. How can graphic organizers enhance the acquisition of content in Social Studies? 3. Why use graphic organizers in Science? The paper ends with a discussion on the implications of findings, a brief summary and the reviewers’ assessment of usefulness and benefits of graphic organizers in enhancing comprehension and acquisition of content.