LC Journal of Special Education


The purpose of this paper is to show that Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an effective communication device through documented research. Since the development of the protocol by Frost and Bondy (2002), there have been numerous research studies conducted (Pyramids Educational Consultants, 2009) supporting the use of PECS as a communication device especially in the area of autism. PECS was developed for children with autism because most children with autism have astonishing visual memory, they are able to learn rote memorization easily, they are visual PECS 4 thinkers, they are able to process a greater amount of material at a very fast pace, and are meticulous in performing tasks to the point of perfection (Heflin et al., 2007). The device has now surpassed its original intent, and has been noted to be appropriate for all age levels irrespective of disability. As a result of some of the research that has been conducted by Pyramids Educational Consultants (2009), the findings in this research has shown that PECS is not only effective with children with autism, but PECS is also effective with children with other disabilities who have communication deficits.