LC Journal of Special Education


My review was conducted in order to provide me with research-based findings that could assist me in developing a better means of providing remediation to students who exhibit mathematics difficulties (Evans, 2008). In my review of articles, there were three specific student disability groups that were identified and referenced throughout the research: students exhibiting mathematics and concurring reading disabilities (MD-RD students), students exhibiting reading disabilities but not exhibiting mathematics disabilities (RD-only students), and students exhibiting mathematics disabilities but not exhibiting reading disabilities (MD-only students) (Bryant, 2005; Bryant & Bryant, 2008; Evans, 2008; Fuchs, Fuchs, & Prentice, 2004; Knopik, Alarcόn, & DeFries, 1997; Powell, Fuchs, Fuchs, Cirino, & Fletcher, 2009; Wise et al., 2008). These groups were identified based on specific skill strengths or deficiencies that were evident as these students completed reading and mathematics assessments. Article reviews will follow that summarize specific findings that were noted in the literature. The paper concludes with implications for leadership based on the overall findings.