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A Comparison of Manual Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment and Foam Rolling Effectiveness on Hamstring Range of Motion

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Jessica GiacconeFollow


Hall Memorial Ballroom

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4-4-2018 12:00 PM


Athletic Training

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Debbie Bradney DPE, ATC, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist Department Chair for Athletic Training Lynchburg College, Thomas G. Bowman PhD, ATC, PES Associate Professor – Athletic Training Lynchburg College, Patricia A. Aronson PhD, ATC Professor of Athletic Training Lynchburg College



Context: Healthcare professionals have a variety of soft tissue treatments, this study compares the effectiveness of two different treatments.

Objective: To compare the effects of a soft tissue massage and the use of a foam roller on hamstring range-of-motion for recreationally active individuals with hamstring restrictions and to determine if a specific modality works best for range of motion increases.

Design: Experimental

Setting: Athletic training laboratory

Participants:Twenty seven recreationally active individuals (age range, 18-40 years)

Interventions: soft tissue massage and foam rolling

Main outcome measures: Goniometer and sit-and reach ROM measurements

Results: Data is currently being analyzed

Conclusions: Data is currently being analyzed

Keywords: sit-and-reach, goniometer, manual therapy

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Apr 4th, 12:00 PM

A Comparison of Manual Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment and Foam Rolling Effectiveness on Hamstring Range of Motion

Hall Memorial Ballroom