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Internship at Centra Health

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Hannah Todd, University of LynchburgFollow


Memorial Ballroom, Hall Campus Center

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4-8-2020 12:00 PM

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4-8-2020 1:15 PM


Biomedical Science

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Dr. Christine Terry


Centra Health has been a predominate healthcare provider in the Lynchburg area for many years. Centra provided the City of Lynchburg and surrounding counties with pristine innovative healthcare. Their mission is to provide patients with excellent care for life. As a biomedical student looking into going to medical school I wanted to observe the different departments of the medical field to determine if it was right for me. My internship took place over the spring semester of 2020 within several different departments of the Lynchburg General Hospital and Virginia Baptist Hospital. The poster that I will be presenting will focus primary on my personal experiences within each department of Lynchburg General Hospital and Virginia Baptist Hospital.

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Apr 8th, 12:00 PM Apr 8th, 1:15 PM

Internship at Centra Health

Memorial Ballroom, Hall Campus Center