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Bronislaw Huberman: Music Against the Nazi Regime


Sydnor Performance Hall, Schewel Hall

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4-8-2020 3:30 PM

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4-8-2020 3:45 PM



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Dr. Cynthia Ramsey


Although the Nazi command in Germany held its grasp on the Jewish people alongside many musicians of the 20th century, Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) stands out for his talent and ability to save close to 1,000 Jewish musicians and their families. With the intent of improving music pedagogy, this research is to investigate the contributions of Huberman. The particular problems of this study are to (1) trace the development of Huberman’s early music development up to his death; (2) draw correlations to other musicians during this time, and (3) investigate the historical events that took place during Huberman's life and how it shaped his career.

From a young age Bronislaw Huberman exhibited large potential for music, this music learning continued until his death (1947). The music Bronislaw compiled and performed during the Romantic Period supported the importance of his future Palestine Orchestra. His life, shaped by his music and the war he played a part in, and the lives he saved made an impact different from people like him during World War Two. The facts of Huberman’s life show the strength that he gave to a large number of Jewish people during the war.

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Apr 8th, 3:30 PM Apr 8th, 3:45 PM

Bronislaw Huberman: Music Against the Nazi Regime

Sydnor Performance Hall, Schewel Hall