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Spring 4-28-2015

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Bachelor of Science



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Dr. Maria L. Nathan

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Dr. Lee Schoemmeller

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Dr. Alka Gupta


Under Armour has been taking the Athletic Apparel industry by storm. From their start in 1996 as a small performance apparel company to becoming the second biggest athletic apparel brand in the United States in 2014 (Peterson). The secret to their success lies within the products. All products have a moisture wicking fabric that eliminates the sweat-soaked fabric of normal sports apparel. Industry: The industry of Athletic Apparel is very intense and innovative one. There are numerous competitors striving to be number one and trying to distinguish themselves from each other while selling similar products. This is an industry that is always changing depending on the next trend and companies that want to keep up with the change must be willing to push the limits and come up with something new all the time. There are a number of factors that can influence the industry from political to legal aspects to the suppliers that the companies use to manufacture their products. Any organization in this industry needs to be aware of these factors and make sure that they are running a successful and ethical business. Business Description: Under Armour is a company that designs and manufactures performance apparel for athletes. It was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank who was a football player for the University of Maryland. The company started off selling t-shirts that would keep athletes dry and cool during practice, games, or workouts through moisture wicking technology that removed the perspiration from the wearer’s body thus regulating body temperature. Under Armour embraces the mission to “make all athletes better through passion, design, and relentless pursuit of innovation” which is the guide behind the creation of their products (Thompson). The company focuses on quality management and differentiation of its products. Each of their suppliers is held to strict quality control standards, as well as child labor and forced labor standards. Under Armour originally marketed to only football athletes but that has been expanded to include everyday fitness and other sports, as well as to female customers. Recommendations : For Under Armour, there are a few recommendations that they can pursue which would help them develop more as a company and further increase their potential of becoming the leader of the athletic apparel market—these include expanding into other markets besides Europe and Asia, getting fabric and process patents for future products, and possibly creating and developing equipment to establish a new business unit and enter into a new market.