Date Presented

Spring 5-3-2011

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



First Advisor

Dr. Leslie Hatfield

Second Advisor

Dr. Danny Cline

Third Advisor

Dr. Nancy Cowden


The card game SET involves finding groups o f three cards called SETs. Choices are based upon the individual card characteristics, including shape, pattern, number, and color. Previously, the maximum number o f cards that can be played without creating a SET has been determined as 20 cards by extensive computer work. This report further explored the probabilities and possibilities o f the game. Using discrete mathematics and probability, we explored how many SETs are possible and what strategies led to the most points. Additionally, this project exercised undergraduate logic and reasoning to generalize the results in order to be applied in other fields o f study. Furthermore, we investigated different methods o f selecting and ordering cards, trying to find the minimum cards needed to guarantee a SET.