Date Presented

Spring 5-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

First Advisor

Timothy Meinke, PhD

Second Advisor

Nicolas Frank, PhD

Third Advisor

Elizabeth Savage, PhD


In this project, I elucidate the presence of Aristotelian political friendship within Thomas Jefferson's ideal American regime. The project considers the aspects of Aristotle's political thought that are relevant to political friendship, and draws parallels to Jefferson's political philosophy through: (1) the organization of the regime and its citizens (the constitution and construction of the regime, the class demographics of its citizens, etc.); and (2) the philosophical principles that inform the aim(s) and end (telē) of the regime.

Despite notable differences between their political philosophies--such as Jefferson's inclusion of Christian moral philosophy in his thought--I conclude that Jefferson's attempts to harmonize the salient aims of modern liberalism and classical republicanism is what creates the space for Aristotelian political friendship in Jefferson's conceptual regime.