Date Presented

Spring 5-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Health and Physical Education

First Advisor

Stephen Smith, PhD

Second Advisor

Autumn Dodge, PhD

Third Advisor

Edward DeClair, PhD


In the Commonwealth of Virginia, in order to become a teacher, certain state-selected assessments must be completed. These assessments are required for every candidate who is pursuing a teaching career. One of these required assessments is the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) and it was created to measure communication and literacy skills. The requirement of this test brought forth the question: how do Health and Physical Education teachers feel that the VCLA has helped prepare them for their current work? This question was explored using a qualitative approach which led to the examination of teachers beliefs in regards to teaching philosophy, quality teaching, and student achievement. Within each of these areas I was able to identify particular themes. On the topic of teaching philosophy, I identified two themes: (1) building relationships; (2) coaching.On the topic of aspects of quality teaching, I identified two themes: (1) being adaptable; (2) setting routines. The theme of setting routines included one subtheme. On the topic of what student achievement looks like, I identified one theme: (1) students earn their grades based on effort. On the topic of the VCLA and its role in preparing teachers, I identified three themes: (1) the VCLA doesn’t play a role in being a good H.P.E teacher; (2) applications of the VLCA outside of HPE; (3) the VCLA is like an SAT or standardized entrance exam. Implications of these findings are discussed, followed by notation of limitations and directions for research.