Date Presented

Spring 4-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



First Advisor

Stephen Burris

Second Advisor

Dr. Kim McCabe

Third Advisor

Dr. David Freier


The purpose of this experiment was to test blood detectors against household cleaners. Similar experiments have been run before, but not on the selected surfaces. It is important to understand what one is looking for at a crime scene, and what a cleaned surface may look like. Four surfaces were chosen for this experiment: ceramic tile as a control, concrete, laminated wood flooring, and drywall. For each surface, 0.5mL of pig’s blood was allowed to dry before being cleaned off with either Clorox bleach, Dawn soap and hot water, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Purpose Concentrate. Bluestar and luminol were then applied to the surface. Results showed that concrete and drywall stained and retained blood, while ceramic tile and laminated wood were easier to clean off. Bleach and Mrs. Meyer’s are the best cleaners to cover bloodstains and thus a capable of covering up a crime.