Date Presented

Spring 4-6-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



First Advisor

Ei Hlaing

Second Advisor

Alisha Marciano


This study was conducted to show what the predictor variables of roommate friendship were using morningness-eveningness, conflict management, personality traits, college priorities, and parental style scores. Each roommate dyad is unique and has different backgrounds with sleep, personality, and upbringing, which could affect a roommate's friendship. Conflict management showed how roommates handle disagreements. It was hypothesized that high in eveningness, high in conflict management, low in parental style score, and high in college priorities score will have a higher roommate friendship style score. It was also hypothesized that a person who is high in openness, high in agreeableness, high in conscientiousness, high in extraversion, and low in neuroticism will have a higher score on the roommate friendship scale score. The Parental style score was only partially supported and the morningness-eveningness scale was found significant. A backward method multiple regression was run to find indifference and eveningness to be statistically significant in predicting roommate friendship score while controlling for extraversion, negative emotionality, conflict management score, and abuse experienced in childhood. In conclusion, first-year students can benefit from the two significant scores when it comes to roommate friendship.


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