Date Presented

Spring 4-1-2023

Document Type



Communication Studies

First Advisor

Dr. John Angelis,

Second Advisor

Dr. Laura Kicklighter

Third Advisor

Dr. Michael Schnur


As the fast food industry has rapidly evolved, so has the use of technology within these businesses. Artificial intelligence is something that is being used in these fast-food restaurants to drive change. With restaurants adding artificial intelligence into their business model, many of their goals have changed. Restaurants are now having the goal of improving their speed and accuracy when it comes to order taking, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing their costs. All of which are attainable through the use of artificial intelligence. Though businesses are now using artificial intelligence; there are many concerns about the downsides that come with it. Some of those downsides are job loss and start-up costs. However, this paper aims to explore and explain how artificial intelligence is truly changing the landscape of the fast food industry. By looking at relevant literature and studies on the topic, conclusions can be drawn and the positive effect of artificial intelligence is shown. Additionally, many insights will be given as to how the customer experience is now changing and what businesses are adopting this practice. Overall, the adoption of artificial intelligence in the fast food industry represents a change that is here to stay.