Date Presented

Spring 4-10-2007

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Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Kim

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Dr. White

Third Advisor

Dr. Gray


My thesis will research themes of solitude, love, nature, mood or emotional states, and the duality of joy and pain in the Robert Schumann’s Lieder composed around the year 1840. This year was the year of Schumann’s marriage to his music teacher’s daughter Clara Wieck and is, consequently, the year when Robert Schumann turned to writing Lieder or songs. Lieder were a unique lyric genre created in Germany during Romantic era. These songs combined the works of great German poets of the time with the artistic expression of emotions captured by the composer. Tracing the themes in Robert Schumann’s Lieder will lead to an understanding not only of the connection between his Lieder and his life, but also of the relationship between the voice and piano in his lieder. From a performance perspective, knowledge of Schumann’s lieder will lead to a better idea of how to perform these works in order to express the emotions and themes Schumann’s Lieder emphasize.