Date Presented

Spring 4-11-2008

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Communication Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Michael Robinson

Second Advisor

Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen

Third Advisor

Professor Agatha Lynch


In the world we live in, heroes are traditionally thought of as perfect individuals who always save the world. Perfection, however, is unrealistic in the real world. The television series Heroes is a form of text that provides viewers with heroes that are more realistic to the real world and easier to relate to. Heroes, which debuted in September of 2006, follows various people around the world who have recently discovered that they have extraordinary abilities. With their newly discovered talents, the characters now have to decide how to use them. This study critically analyzes particular characters that illustrate the ability to be a hero without being perfect. Despite their incredible powers and their good intentions these characters are not always perfect; they have faults and make mistakes. The fact that these characters are not perfect is why real people can relate and connect to them. Even with their powers, the characters still struggle with everyday life, thus making them more realistic to individuals in the real world. This study will examine characters of the series in order to illustrate how they are realistic portrayals of heroes as well as examining other elements of the series that connect to today’s society.