Date Presented

Spring 3-2017

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Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Scott Amos

Second Advisor

Dr. Adam Dean

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Dr. Clifton Potter


History passes down the visages of Tudor monarchs and their contemporaries through paintings that attempt to show us more than their mere likenesses. The faces of these monarchs reveal not only individual physiognomies of appearance, but also characteristics of the times. Painting in Tudor England, up to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1485-1558) reflected, and at times contributed, to shifting political and social structures in England. Patrons exercised great influence on the kind of art created and brought into England, and a study of this and how patrons utilized art as a means of propaganda reveals the way that given situations shaped art. An analysis of specific works leads to a better understanding of this period in English History and its social and political influences.