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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Dr. John Walker

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Dr. Jeanne Booth

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Dr. Maryann Mayhew


The profession of school counseling is a dynamic one that has endured the evolving American educational landscape for over 100 years. This changing landscape has contributed to a sense of role confusion for professional school counselors in the United States. With much variation among states, school divisions, and even schools within the same division regarding the appropriate role of the professional school counselor, the research attempted to determine professional school counselor perceptions of their division-level and building-level training for their ASCA-defined inappropriate responsibilities in four school divisions in central Virginia. Using a hermeneutic phenomenological approach, the research studied the lived experiences of professional school counselors in relation to their work. A qualitative survey instrument was distributed and follow-up interviews were conducted with professional school counselors from four school divisions in central Virginia.