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This research investigates the native Virginia orchid, Cyprepedium pubescens, or the large yellow lady-slipper. Researchers at Lynchburg College, located, in central Virginia collected orchid activity data over the span of nine years from 2006-2014. This data included the following information: when the first sprout appeared, the number of leaves, the number of flowers, and the number of flowers per each plant. Data were collected about nine orchids on the campus of Lynchburg College.

Using collected data as a basis, we wanted to answer the question of when we could expect to see flowering on a yearly basis. Flowering is important because they are investigating the pollination of these flowers, and pollination happens when the flowers are in full bloom. Through the use of a predictive model, researchers would have a better idea as to when they should be out in the field collecting data about the flowers.

We created a model for these researchers by using a multiple regression model. We used the number of flowers as the dependent variable, and the independent variables are: temperature, yearly rainfall, average humidity, and the number of days since the last freeze. The most influential variables were found to be the number of days since the last freeze, rainfall, and temperature. Humidity had little to no effect on when flowers could be expected to bloom each year.

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Apr 4th, 11:45 AM

Creating a Predictive Model for Flowering of Virginia Orchid, Cypripedium pubescens

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